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Free Craps Game Simulations

Free CrapsFree craps game simulations have cropped up all over the Internet in the last few years. With advances in gaming technology and the proliferation of high-speed connections, playing any type of game online has become easier, faster, and more entertaining than in the past. Today, finding a craps simulator is easy, though finding a good one that suits your purposes might be a little harder. With that in mind, I wanted to point readers at a few of the best free craps games I've found.

If you're completely new to craps, it's important to learn where to place your chips for each better before you walk into a casino. While there's nothing hard about the game once you play a few times and know the bets and the jargon, the first time you play can be confusing. If you don't know what you're doing in a live casino, the dealer and other players are likely to be helpful, but some can get impatient with someone who hasn't taken the time to learn the game beforehand. So using online software as a craps tutorial is the best way to learn the game in the 21st century.

Here are a few websites which can help you do just that.

CrapsDice Free Craps Game

Craps-Dice offers a good beginning craps game, if you want to get used to making craps bets, see what basic craps software can do, or just enjoy a game of dice without a lot of cumbersome graphics. The game layout is simple with a simulated bankroll of $1000, enough to let you play around with all the various craps bets, which can confuse first-time players. You'll probably have a few instants of confusion even with simple point-and-click type betting systems (I usually do when learning a new interface), so it's a good idea to play the free version of any casino software before waltzing into an online casino.

Play Free Craps at Wizard of Odds

The craps simulator at the Wizard of Odds site is a little easier to use, though the graphics are in the same ballpark. This is about as straightforward of a craps sim at you'll find, which makes it an excellent learning tool. Making bets is simple and the rolling function is quick.
One thing this simulator does not have is a tutorial function, at least that I can find. Many of the simulators at the WizardofOdds actually gives advice for the best bet in every situation, such as the first-rate free video poker simulator. Of course, craps isn't video poker, and the strategies aren't nearly as detailed. Once you learn one or two craps bets not to make, many of the wagers are about the same, so there's not always a lot of advice to give.

I place this free craps game in the same category as Craps-Dice, then. Let's move on to the kind of free dice games you'll find at an online casino.

Bodog Craps - Free Craps Games

Bodog Craps looks a little more likely the high quality online casino craps games you'll end up playing for money. Notice the difference in the graphic quality of the Bodog Casino craps game and the Craps-Dice version. Most Internet casinos want players to feel like they're in a real casino, so a lot of attention is paid to making a game like craps look and sound like a casino craps game.

In essentials, the two simulations have more in common than you might think. The Bodog version is easier to figure out, because betting is a little simpler, but not by much. The betting layout looks more like what you'll find in live casino environment (or at many top-end online dice rooms), so this brings you one step closer to playing for real.

ESPN Free Craps

You don't have to go to an online casino or gambling-related website to play free craps, either. I found an online craps game simulation at ESPN's website, of all places. ESPN offers various computer gaming options to its customers, and craps happens to be one of them.

All you have to do to play craps for free at the ESPN address is stay patient through a 15-second commercial, which is usually a Sportscenter ad, which is often what you have to wade through when watching clips from Sportscenter. The 15-second ad is a common web marketing tool, found on sites like Hulu. Once you watch the advertisement, your game starts.

For my money, even though the ESPN free craps game looks a little better than Craps-Dice or Wizard-of-Odds, there's not much difference, and I'd rather not have to mess with ads.

So I recommend those sites, instead.

Free Craps Online

There are plenty of other free craps games online, including free craps videos to show you how to play. I even found one free craps CD advertised, which I'd link to, but I'm not exactly sure is on the up-and-up. The fact is, you can find plenty of good free craps advice without buying e-books or paying one red cent for craps tips.

Free craps is something you won't find in a casino. Since craps usually requires multiple dealers to pull it off, a land-based casinos would be losing money to offer dice players a free game. With an online casino that already has the craps software in their system, free dice games cost nothing to run. So if you want to learn craps, learn it online in a pressure-free setting. Once you learn the casino's most glamorous dice game, you can play for real money on the Internet or at your local casino venue.

And if you need a change of pace and want to try playing the slots for a bit, check out this site about how to download slot machines. A lot of the advice there about slot machine casino software also applies to craps software on the Internet.